Sunday, September 19, 2010

Recent Events

Well I haven't posted in quite a while. That is due to the excruciating schedule I am facing this semester of classes. I barely have a free moment to myself to relax, let alone write an entire post. So classes are pretty hard, I feel like I am falling behind, but the grades so far wouldn't suggest it. I just hope it stays that way. I'm thinking this week will be a bit less stressful because some stuff isn't happening this week that did last week. I figured I would just write some random stuff just to prove I haven't given up writing.

So as of right now classes are as follows: Astronomy, Multivariable Calculus, Physics II, Organic Chemistry, labs for both of those, and History. 19 credits is a much tougher load than anticipated. Either way I have to learn to keep up with it. To go along with this I am a line judge for the women's volleyball team, I tutor two nights a week, I am the fundraising chair of Engineers Without Borders, I am in Astronomy and Chemistry clubs, and I will be continuing research with one of my professors sometime this semester. So that is why I have been so busy, maybe you can understand.

Well life outside of classes and clubs has been rather interesting. We have had several incidents with friends and personal stuff. Don't really want to go into it because I don't care to embarrass anyone involved who may read this. However, it's all been sorted out I think and we are all good for the time being.

I really don't know what else to say. My mind is getting extremely sleepy, really fast. I think since I can go to bed at a decent time, I will. Good night.