Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Murder of Osama Bin Laden

Well you knew it was coming. As I sit here watching a white house conference something-or-other I need to get some ideas down.

Death of Osama
So what was it, 3 days ago now that he was killed? From what I know about the actual murder, a team of "elite" soldiers were sent in and they captured and killed Osama Bin Laden. They shot him multiple times (I think in the head and the chest). They took photos and analyzed them before to determine that they were 95% sure it was him. After the killing they took DNA and all kinds of other evidence to make sure it was actually him. Apparently shortly afterward they dumped his body into the sea/ocean/other body of water. Of course this led to conspiracy theories right away.

Reactions to the Murder
What was your first reaction when you heard? Patriotically, most people are extremely happy. I'll admit, I think my first thought was more skepticism than anything. I saw it first on yahoo and I was skeptical because of my lack of confidence in media. Then I started seeing it on facebook and I thought: oh I guess this is legit. Then it was rumors from there. I will talk more about my ideas in the next section. So some reactions I have heard: Overwhelmingly, people are really happy, to the point of celebrating in the streets; Some are skeptical of the death and are concocting conspiracy theories like mad; Some are nervously awaiting the retaliation from other Al Qaida members; Very few (one such example is Steelers RB, Rashard Mendenhall) are actually thinking about this as a very extreme reaction, he believes that celebrating a death is not a great thing to be doing. This brings me to my beliefs of all this nonsense.

My Idea of It All
My thoughts on people's reactions: people are worse than me. I have awful thoughts about some people and I think everyone probably does at some point. In fact, I have some really messed up ideas that run through my head sometimes. But I still don't believe that the death of one man should be celebrated to the extent it has been. And the fact that so many people desire to see the pictures of his dead body just makes me realize how sadistic the general public really is. Why this is such a huge victory to all these people, is what I want to know.
Just because one member of the terrorist group is gone, does not mean that the group has disbanded. They are still a group of radical believers no matter if their leader has been killed.
Just because this one man is dead, no person killed in the September 11th attack has been returned or anything else beneficial like that. It was just like avenging any other person's death by killing the perpetrator.
Some people think that it should not be talked about so that Osama does not get more attention than necessary. I don't see what's wrong with this at all. I would prefer not to hear about it 24/7. Plus based on the common belief of hatred for him, we should probably stop celebrating him altogether. I mean, no one celebrates Hitler or Stalin as far as I know.
Why is there such a desire to see this post mortem photo? This is a concept of need for direct proof vs government trust. I can't say I trust the government completely because there is more than enough problems I have with politics. However, this is a case where there is no reason for anyone to lie. Why would the government need to lie about this? It seems senseless at this point in time.

Another thought I have heard on one of these newscasts is the idea that other terrorists will use Osama's death as a martyr to justify more attacks and take revenge. Ok first of all, I am pretty sure this person may have two completely different ideas intertwined which do not belong together. Martyrs, from what I know, is a person who dies for their beliefs and they are then revered for their sacrifice. Is that not correct? Ok, if that is correct then why would someone who believes in that person as a martyr take revenge? Osama would not be a martyr if the US did no kill him, so why would other radical Muslims take revenge for the killing. I am not trying to say they would not retaliate and fight the US but this would not be out of revenge, it would be out of devotion and desire to join him. So they could either use him as a martyr or they could take revenge, not both together. It may seem like a minor technicality, but it was just something that annoyed me.

Alright I think this is enough for now. I have input my ideas.


  1. You're completely right, Mike. Almost everyone is failing to see what you do. I mean, I guess its awesome that we got the leader behind 9-11, but where does that really leave us? I guess that everyone is so quick to jump for a quick fix.
    You also bring up a good point with how blood thirsty the general public is. My penpal and I have been discussing this in detail...what we can't seem to agree on is whether its the public's fault for promoting vial images and news to be spread...or is it the media's fault for deciding to start the spread of such negativity.

  2. Yeah, that was one thing that I really didn't want to go too deeply into, motives for these ideas. I know there are tons of reasons for all these beliefs. Public opinion, media, or religious based ideas. Who knows. I actually just remembered that someone recently said how Pope John Paul was being hailed as the hero of this whole thing because he called Bin Laden an embodiment of sin or something like that. So motivation is definitely something that could take up lots of time to think about and honestly I really don't want to bother with that. So I'm not going to unless it just happens to come to me.