Thursday, May 31, 2012

UIUC Part 3

Today was a good day. Had some more meetings. Got a tour of the library that I can't use without an ID anyway, but it was a good experience. Apparently its the biggest library in the country next to Harvard, but the largest public university library. Some people are trying to include me in some stuff, but it is not really the most successful or necessary gesture. Nor is it really wanted. These are not really my kind of people. Some may be but the majority are really not. I guess a B for their efforts is good enough though. Regardless. The better part of today is the thought that there is some progress being made toward the ID. Yay!! Just a few more signatures and I think I am good to join the lab. I took my safety exam today. It would have been really difficult if I hadn't been told that I could cheat. Which I needed to on multiple (scratch that, most) of the questions. I think it went alright though. Hopefully it was at least enough to pass. That's all that I need to get into the lab. Then one or two more things to do before I am an official member. Yay!! What else happened today? Well I just ate dinner, tonight was a very interesting combination of things I had pb&j, an orange, chips, and a cookie. And I had some white grape juice. It was good nonetheless. Well looks like because of this ID thing I am free tomorrow. I just have to make sure I see Dr. Lu and get his signatures. I guess I can go get some more stuff tomorrow. Maybe a different meal for dinner or maybe I will finally get some milk so I can have cereal and milk at the lab common room. Hmmmm... I do have some shopping to do so I will probably do that. I want to read that article from yesterday on Saartjie tonight. And I should look up some article for my research while I have the resources to look. I may just fill up a flash drive with papers so I can bring them back to widener. I also wanna look up grad schools and things like that. I guess I should get on that. Well that's all for tonight. Maybe I will watch some anime too. Hehe. It's my only consistency in the last 4 years. Haha. Adios for now. Oh and I also forgot to mention, Perry and Joy told me today that I am getting $546 (I think that was the number) for the summer. That's awesome. Ok bye.

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