Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why do people live the way they do?

I feel like this is a completely rhetorical attempt at a post. It's really not a fair question, but I kinda want to hear from my readers. I just want to hear your thoughts.

Why do people live the way they do?

Why do certain people live like they do?

Why do prostitutes live to sell their bodies?

Why do addicts live to get the next high?

Why do drunkards drink every waking moment of their lives?

Why do scholars live to study?

Why do stay at home parents live to sit in their homes and provide a suitable home for their families?

Why do soldiers stay alive to provide a safe environment for their country men and women?

Why do charity workers help those in need?

Why do students continue with school even if they don't like it?

Why do you what you do on a daily basis?

I know that people have certain motivations for what they do (i.e. to put food on the table, psychological desire, fear, lack of other options). But... Why really? Are their really no other options? Can't people provide for families in other ways? What are our innate reasons for doing what we do? Even though some people aren't satiated by what they do, even though they become depressed and overall unhappy with what they do every day in a monotonous fashion. Why do we continue?

Or maybe there doesn't have to be a reason. Maybe our purpose is our purpose and that's all. Maybe there is no reason for our purpose in this life?

Another question based off of that previous one. Is there actually a purpose? Do we do what we do because we believe there is a purpose? Does there need to be a purpose?

Ok maybe I should stop before I get too existential. I suppose in the end this wasn't really a rhetorical question or an attempt to have audience participation. It was more of a musing that I hope my readers will dig just a little deeper into. My purpose here on this blog is to make you all think about stuff while I think more or less aloud to you.

Anyway, have a nice night or day depending on when you read this.

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