Thursday, June 7, 2012

UIUC Part after next...

Such long days today and tomorrow, got an email from Saumen expecting that tomorrow we won't be done until 9 pm... man I feel like I am going to be exhausted by then. Today was a lot of sitting around but it was still long. I looked up grad schools and papers and stuff. Today was such a strange day too. There was a fire alarm thing. So we had to leave the building for a little while in the middle of the day. Then we had to move all the stuff on the floor into the hall so that some guys could come in and clean the floors. Apparently the stuff they were cleaning with is able to melt the soles off of shoes!! That's pretty cool even though it meant no one could get in the lab and all our stuff was still in there. Luckily they were nice enough to get our stuff for us. So after lab meeting ended at 7:30 I came back to my dorm and got some ramen and crackers for dinner. Also luckily regarding tomorrow, we aren't actually starting until after 10. But I will still be up by 8 probably. Not sure what else I feel like talking about. Well we had a scare earlier that more of out samples weren't growing cells but then they ended up growing and that was good. Nothing much else is going on. Just have to finish up stuff for the week and maybe work this weekend but not sure yet. Otherwise just need to pack so that I can move to my really out of the way dorm and shop for more food. Maybe the new dorm will give me some appliances...? Doubtful but it's whatever. I will deal. Anyway I think it's bed time. Adios til next time.

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