Sunday, June 10, 2012

UIUC Part moved dorms

Hey all, I am in my new dorm and I kinda wanted to make a comparison on top of talking about the last few days. So Thursday was my last post apparently. Honestly I have no idea what I posted when. So I will just talk about what I remember. This week has been super busy with lab. I accumulated a total of 48+ from Monday to Friday. And I worked Saturday and Sunday for a little while. I got some stuff done though which is awesome. We worked with E114A mutants and got those to the point of taking out the protein. We also worked with E114G and I107E, which Saumen, my postdoc mentor, had synthesized before and got those to a point that tomorrow we will be sending them out to be DNA sequenced. So that's pretty cool. (By the way the random numbers and letters, for those who don't know, are positions of mutations in a protein). I started on my presentation a little bit this past few days. The presentation is for the SAEOPP conference n Atlanta that is next Thursday to Saturday. So I get to travel even when I am in the middle of a travel experience. And this time I get to go southeast for the first time since high school senior year. There is another conference closer to home later in the summer that is in Buffalo. So that should be fun and maybe I can actually present real data.

So room comparison. I think this one is better for the following reasons:
1. The bed is more comfy.
2. CLIMATE IS BETTER!!!! No more super cold room.
3. I will actually get direct sun, at least in the morning.
4. It's a lot bigger.

I think this room is worse because:
1. The window is super squeaky and annoying.
2. The door is being pulled in and out by the wind and making annoying noises too.
3. This place is a lot further from the lab and most things I learned to like over near the other dorm.
4. I am on the 9th floor as opposed to the 3rd.

Other than that stuff it's the same old dorm. But I did go shopping today after Saumen was an awesome guy and dropped me off with my stuff at my new dorm so I didn't have to walk and make like 3 trips. I decided to buy tuna in singlet packets and some mayo, which was way bigger than I wanted but not too expensive and will hopefully last without a fridge. I had that for dinner. DEFINITELY the best thing I have eaten since I got here. I was, and still am an hour later, the happiest I have been since getting here by eating tuna (there is some exaggeration there but not too much). Anyway, I think that's about it this week. I finished Boogiepop Phantom anime series and it was really confusing and deep, I didn't get it too much. I also couldn't keep the characters straight. I will likely start another up soon and continue my presentation. I need to know this stuff if I want it to go well. Adios for now.

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