Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bored in my room until lunch

Well, I'm back again and bored as ever. No research today because Dr. Bastin has a demo of new equipment for labs and then has class so he can't help us out. Just one class and EWB meeting tonight. I'm sure this won't be my only post today. Now it's just a matter of figuring out something to post.
I actually was looking at some other blogs a bit ago and found a person that has an interesting blog. I read a few of her past posts and they are really enjoyable to read. I would post her blog on here but I don't want to creep her out at all. If she responds to the comment I posted I may add it on here for others to read. She, like I feel I will have soon enough, has very few readers.
Not sure what to write about. I haven't been too philosophical this morning. I just feel like lounging and sleeping. I can't stop thinking about Neon Genesis. It is such a good show.
I guess I can talk about research this summer. I have been working under several professors from the Chem department. First was Dr. Van Bramer, we worked on freshman labs and basically did them over and over again. It was fun. Next was Dr. Nagengast, which is a lab I wish I never entered for the simple reason that now I am interested in Biochem. I never even considered it before then, and now I have another possible minor for myself. Joy. After her was Dr. Martin, my Chem adviser, that was actually a lot more fun than the others were saying. I enjoyed it a lot. It was a lot of sitting and waiting but it was a really good learning experience. Now as I said, I'm with Dr. Bastin, who will be my Organic Chem teacher next semester. He is pretty cool, I just wish he would give us more time in the lab. It is now Wednesday and I have worked only 6 hours so far. I should have worked at least twice that amount by the end of the day. Oh well, what can you do.
Then there is a few other professor we will be working with the next few weeks. Not sure who yet, but it should be cool.
Later this summer, as in August 11-17, I will be in Flagstaff, Arizona with Dr. Augensen and Scott Snell. We are doing observing in Lowell Observatory. I hope it is as exciting as it sounds. I don't anticipate it to be any less though.
Well that took a half hour so far. Now another half hour until lunch. Let's see...
I can't think of anything important well I guess that means I will leave anything I think of until later. Bye bye.

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