Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Neon Genesis Evangelion

I have been watching the series called Neon Genesis Evangelion for the second time through for the last few weeks. I decided that I would talk about it for my first official post about something consequential.

Neon Genesis Evangelion, for those who don't know is an anime series. It is a really detailed story based around a government organization called NERV. They have these giant robot/mecha things, called EVA, that fight off alien beings called Angels. This story is long and you need to watch the whole 26-episode series to really understand it. I recommend watching it at least twice to actually understand it to a decent degree.

The story is based around several children and a few adults who have to use these EVAs to kill the enemy Angels. It is an extremely psychologically disturbing show. The children who pilot the EVA are destroyed mentally by the combat they face and the corruption in NERV. Several adult characters too are affected by these problems and suffer greatly as a result.

I actually just looked at a few things on the series and found out that the director had been diagnosed with clinical depression before writing the series and used his experiences with it to write about.

The last few episodes are the part of the series that are the most twisted and where everything starts to fall into place. I personally learned new things about the series the second time through and I bet another watch would reveal even more.

I wish I were able to explain the things that these people went through, but I can't in any reasonable time. If you haven't seen the series and want to watch it I will post the link to where I watched it. http://www.animefreak.tv/watch/neon-genesis-evangelion-episode-1-english-dubbed-online-free#English

I have just finished the series and I wish to comment on the last episode which is a really inspirational one if nothing else. There are many things that the main protagonist learns. It is really cool because anyone that is depressed or confused or distraught about life can refer to these things and it may help. I think that was the director's meaning behind the episode and the series at that.

The first message is "You are your own reality, you create your own reality." This is one of the many things that were learned by the protagonists, Shinji. You can do whatever you want. You are the creator and writer of your own fate and life. If you don't want to do something that you are being forced to do, you don't have to. You are what you do and you do what you want. If you don't do what you want there is no reason for you to be living your life. As harsh as that sounds, I think that is about right. I believe I understand where he is coming from on that.

The next message is "You can't recognize your own image without others." This one is rather interesting and I never thought of it before. In other words if there is no others there is no difference to distinguish yourself. This message is one that I could have been better off learning earlier in life. Shinji was a lonely person much like many other characters in the series. I was also like this and at times I still am. He wished for a reality that was empty and void of all others. He learns that without others in your life there is no real way that you can see your own image. You can't know who you are without knowing who others perceive you as or how you act and react with and to others. Through time of seeing how others perceive you, you create your own image of who you are. So in a way, others create you just as much as you create you. Everyone you know has their own mind's image of you and you of everyone else.

One other message is "Reality and truth are perspectives." Everyone knows what they know and believe what they believe. These could be completely different from what you believe or know, but each is just as true to the two of you. This is what is meant by the message. "There are as many truths as there are people on this earth, " that is a direct quote from the show. It really describes the variability of humans and their minds.

I hope that some people have some comments on these things because I would like to think about it a bit more. Well, I guess that is enough, my tutoring session is over now, so I must be going. Farewell for tonight.

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