Saturday, July 3, 2010

First religion vs evolution rant

So I was just thinking for a bit and for one reason or another I happened to think, don't ask why: why did the male testes descend? What evolutionary mechanism would cause this? Aren't the testes more protected within the body?

I still have not looked up anything yet. I just thought I would present my own thoughts on things first. I will admit I am not in the least bit religious. I lost faith in religion quite a while ago. My family is non-practicing Catholic. My view of religion is "hope for the hopeless." I don't mean to offend anyone, this is a personal belief, I will not force anyone to believe it. I don't wish to sway people to my view but to inform everyone of my beliefs.

Anyway, on to my rant. I started with the descended testes and continued on to a point where I was simple criticizing Catholic teachings. Here is my rant:

So Catholic teaching says that God created man in his (I know I'm not capitalizing) image. Ok I'm fine so far. This naturally means that God must have had descended testes; it's only logical. Then God created woman. (This is not my view but) This must mean that woman is less than godlike because woman was created from an insignificant part of man (his thirteenth rib). Ok hope everyone can see where I am coming from. In math terms God > man > woman (again I don't believe this just making logical assumptions from teachings). Ok so this is the point at which I don't follow teaching anymore. Woman was created in order to procreate with man. God for one reason or another created man who is less than him and woman who is even lower than that. If God created man as image of God, why would he create woman, even lower than image of God, to have offspring with man? Wouldn't the offspring be only between godlike and less than godlike. Why couldn't God make man able to procreate, either with each other (homosexually) or by themselves (asexually)? It would make them as pure as possible and would therefore be closer to God. I can't begin to understand this religion.

So I still don't understand why the testes descended. I have yet to look up whether anyone has found out a reason for it. I may sometime. By the way, this is an actual conversation I had with myself. And I got it all from the original question: why did the testes descend?

I have found a site that looks to have a good explanation.
If you don't wish to read it I will spare you several minutes of your life. It basically says that sperm is extremely sensitive to heat and the scrotum provide a good deal of heat dissipation. Thus allowing sperm to remain cooler. I actually knew this but I never connected it. This is the reason that being cold causes the scrotum to contract. Silly me. Oh well it was still fun attempting to figure it out using the religious method.


  1. I'm not going to lie. I read that first line and I went >.< jesus, what am I getting myself into reading this post. Very good =] Don't have much to say because there is nothing really to discuss P= sooo...yeah =D

  2. I,too,was almost afraid to read this, but interesting none the less. Again, you amaze me with that extreme brain of yours. I really don't have much to say on this subject, but I guess you do get us thinking....