Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Inspiration for me

This is a post mainly for me. It's for times like this when my hopes are down and I really need a boost. You can do it for yourself too. The blog is just a medium for me to use. You can use any medium you want. A piece of paper, a sticky note, or just a napkin on your nightstand. If you do not wish to read something as boring as a pep talk to myself, don't continue. This is for me for future reference.

I am me. I am the person that no one else is. I am who I am because I have made myself this way. No one else is me and I am no one else. I do not have to lower myself to the level of other individuals. The transformation has been attempted before and has yet to be of any success. I am not equal to others. I have my own standards and I do not have to give them up to associate with the others.

I am not a person, like most. I have my own ideas of fun, things that most people do not consider fun. I do not smoke. I do not do drugs. I do not drink. I do not take many risks. I do not dance. I take care of those I care for before myself.

I am not a person, like the others. I like learning and learning everything. I like anime and videogames. I like silence and tranquility. I like nature. I believe science to be true. I like being a person of knowledge speaking to a younger or less informed person who is willing to learn.

I am not a person, like any other. I dislike the mistreatment of women and animals. I dislike the superficiality of society. I dislike the need of money. I dislike the desires of lust and sexual interaction. I dislike being in a spotlight, especially a negative one. I dislike when I do not act as I expect myself to act.

This is me. I do not wish to change even though I may say I do. I am me. I am not anyone else. I am who I am because I made myself this way. I will not conform to others ideas of me or act in a way that others wish for me to act. I am me.


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