Thursday, August 5, 2010

My ideas for the future of cars

I realize I haven't posted in a long time. I really haven't had too much to talk about. Several others had started up their posts again so I decided to join in. Since the last time, research is pretty much over with, still have to do the poster at some point though and still not sure how that will happen. Arizona is less than a week away. Summer is coming to a close. I have been playing tons of videogames. My eyes are going to kill me for it, but oh well. Finished up Clockwork Orange, watched most of Eureka 7. I'm co-chair for fundraising in EWB. I don't know.

Not really sure what else to talk about. No major breakthroughs or depressive states lately. Just the normal boring everyday life.

Maybe I will talk about my idea that I have had since before I started driving. It's a physics problem I guess. Not even sure how much sense it makes.

Well it is a way of fixing the problem of accidents on the road. It would take a lot of technological advances though. Well it makes roads into something similar to a radio. Everyone knows how a radio has lots of different channels that play at different frequencies. Well I am proposing a similar idea for cars. If roads, especially highways, were to run on hundreds or thousands of frequencies that cars could ride on than there would be countless hours of time saved from traffic jams and less lives lost due to accidents. Now I know this idea sounds completely insane. I mean matter doesn't tend to run on different frequencies like a radio. Not to mention that cars following different frequencies seems completely preposterous.

I know the idea needs work but let me explain as best I can with the limited knowledge I have. Now we know that electrons exist at different energy levels. These, when they fall from one shell to another, release a photon that has a frequency equivalent to the energy level difference the electron fell. If we were able to discover and recreate the mechanism behind this, there may be a way to use it in manufacturing.

I also have thought about using a type of virtual highway. Think about any photography technology. You can move things from one layer to another and lay things on top of others. This is another way. To have a form of teleportation (which apparently isn't a word to firefox) into a program that allows travel through a virtual highway to get you from point A to B. Of course why bother going into something so complex if you have instant teleportation anyway. Just teleport there. By the way for those who haven't heard teleportation of information has been improved by Chinese scientists. I saw it somewhere recently. If I find a link I will post it.

Then there is the other method of multi-level highways that was inspired by the Jak and Daxter videogames. Once we are able to come up with a real model of the flying car there will have to be some companies that create cars that go higher than others. Eventually we will be able to have 3-dimensional motion with cars. Which actually thinking about it will probably be more dangerous than what we have now. Someone would have to be in charge of restrictions on height, speed, and other stuff like that. Oh well.

I guess my ideas aren't quite as great as I was always thinking. Well too bad, I will be pondering virtual highways and teleportation some more while all of you are stuck in your barely-2-D moving cars. Have fun with that.

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