Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 6 Arizona

Journal 6 – 8/16/10 3:01pm
Not much has happened since dinner last night. We did some observing. It was interrupted for quite awhile by clouds and then storms. We started at 8 or so. We stopped about 8:45. Then we started up again about 12:45. And we finished at 5 again. Luckily there were a lot fewer so we could finish. That’s about all; we went to bed and got up at 1. We aren’t doing anything today because it is storming quite hard. Dinner later at someplace, either Mountain Oasis or Stromboli’s again. Then half night of observing because we have to get up early. Flight’s at noon, we have to be there 2 hours prior, and 2.5 hour drive to the airport. That equals a waking up time of before 7. Fun. Alright well this will probably be my last official Arizona post at least for this trip, hopefully I will get to come down again in the future. AHL. Adios, hasta luego. Goodbye, until later.
8/16/10 4:30pm
Well I just learned that it is indeed to cloudy to bother even going up to the dome. So we will be having a relaxing night tonight. I suppose it is for the best. Well farewell again.
8/17/10 10:29pm EST
Well I have gotten back from Arizona. Nothing special happened. Long drive to airport. I found a few other really weird named things. Thunderbird Road, Carefree Highway, Happy Valley Road, there was a place called Page. There was also something called twin arrows and another thing called two guns. There was also a person with a license plate that said Mookie, which is a nickname that my parents call me. Plane ride was usual. Now I’m just sitting at home doing nothing. Well that should be it for now. Bye bye.

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